Laser dentistry is the future. Dr Torba has taken numerous in depth Continuing Ed courses on lasers to decide whether laser treatment was a viable option in our practice. Dr Torba has been doing limited treatment of patients with laser since 2016, primarily Root Canal procedures. Our office now offers laser treatment for the following dental procedures:

1)     All children’s fillings [no local anesthesia required]

2)     Most adult fillings [local anesthesia optional]

3)     Treatment of ulcers

4)     SWEEPS Root Canal Treatment

5)     Surgical procedures

6)     TMJ  Disfunction treatment

7)     Mild periodontal surgical procedures [no cutting of the gums with a scalpel]

8) Root sensitivity

Our results with the use of laser vs drill/scalpels have been dramatic, requiring less healing time, less tooth sensitivity. If you have any questions ask about laser treatment, we can discuss this option with you at your next re-care appointment.